Venue for the conference

District Six Museum Homecoming Centre


15 Buitenkant Street
Cape Town

GPS: -33° 55′ 36.940707″, 18° 25′ 28.475475″

The District Six Museum Homecoming Centre “is known to many Capetonians as the old Sacks Futeran textile and soft goods Homecoming Centrewarehouse. The stories told by the exhibitions in these two locations have been synergised to provide visitors with an in depth understanding of an important part of the country’s history. The Homecoming Centre serves to showcase some of the Museum’s new work.”

“In 2002 the Museum was able to purchase the Sacks Futeran building (now the District Six Museum Homecoming Centre) after receiving a generous grant from Atlantic Philanthropies and a substantial reduction in the purchase price from the then owner, Mr Martin Futeran. The building is ideally located two blocks away from the current Museum building. It is also located at the interface between a precinct demarcated as the East City Precinct, and the area nominated as a National Heritage Site.”

“The D6M Homecoming Centre is set to become an important hub for the engagement of visitors to the city as it has become for the communities with which the Museum works.”

text source The District Six Museum Website

image source Flickr


Parking Map

Parking Map